ITT Baltic

MODERN cargo handling terminal

Provides freight handling, warehousing, storage and freight forwarding services in the free zone of the Port of Muuga, Estonia

Handling of large volumes of freights that require manual loading

The terminal is fully staffed by qualified and reliable personnel, which allows for timely performance of any number of orders.

Difficult handling freights

Heavy off-size machinery and other equipment, long length freights, cars, pipes and big-bags. Sufficient level of technical equipment allows us to execute even the most complicated orders.

Reloading of partial cargoes (LCL) or small loads

Specialization of our terminal. We load various goods by using vehicle cargo space in the most optimal way, while ensuring safety and integrity of goods during transportation.



General freight handling

Including freights that require veterinary control and hazardous freights

Responsible storage

We provide storage both in a warehouse and in an open space storage area

Freight sorting

We provide batching / assembly / marking and palletising services

Pre-sale preparation

Freight preparation for sale, repackaging and fumigation


Freight weighing in a warehouse, weighing of empty/loaded transportation vehicle. Surveyor services.

Documentation processing

We prepare and formalize all kinds of shipping documents and related documentation.


Liability of freight terminal ITT Baltic as warehouse owner is limited in accordance with General warehousing provisions of ELFA (Estonian Logistics & Freight Forwarding Association) Liability is insured within the defined limits. We provide additional risk insurance at the client’s request.




ITT Baltic terminal hires dockers. Please, send your CV to

Loader operator training courses

We offer fork lifter operator training with an opportunity of future employment. In case of successful completion of training and at least a month of employment with us, part of the training cost is returned.
The training courses extensively cover various machinery: fork lifters with internal combustion engines and electric motors. Subjects of additional equipment, technical parameters and machinery servicing are also covered. Participants are trained in loading methods, work safety, first aid provision and use of personal safety equipment. Occupational safety and work environment safety regulations and normative acts are studied during courses as well. Participants have an opportunity to undertake practical training. After passing the final examination the participants are issued with cargo loader driver’s licence.
Group courses are taught by an experienced professional. Cost: 240 EUR (incl. VAT).

Registration via e-mail

Registration for loading

Completion of the present form is not mandatory, but it is advisable for timely loading of your freight and preliminary inspection of applicable documentation. If you are a first-time visitor to our terminal, please, read the information about traffic movement and recommendations on the printable map in the Contact bookmark on observing the rules of visiting Muuga port. To receive a freight the truck driver must have a double set of shipment documentation for submission to customs and terminal. Printing cost of documents sent via e-mail for non-contractual terminal clients costs 2.00 EUR per set.
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